Dentist Fort Worth How to Treat a Toothache If You Are Pregnant

Published: 16th February 2011
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If you are pregnant, you are well aware how important it is to take care of your body to protect your unborn baby. If you have tooth pain during your pregnancy, that could cause serious problems if it is not treated to negatively affect your unborn baby.

Although it may be frustrating to have a toothache if you are pregnant, it will also put stress and strain on your body during pregnancy. This can leave you open to infection in your teeth and gums as your hormone levels start to rise. Many pregnant women commonly experience the dental issues of gum disease and gingivitis, which can cause pregnancy tumors in the gums if they are not treated. These diseases will cause the symptoms of swollen and bleeding gums, which will make it difficult to eat or speak. If this is left untreated, it could potentially cause complications within the pregnancy, including a miscarriage, preterm labor, or a low birth weight.

If you do have a toothache while you are pregnant, make sure to consult with your dentist right away to solve the problem. It is also important to tell your dentist when you schedule your appointment that you are pregnant so that they can use the best safety precautions to protect your baby. Many dentists may choose to postpone your appointment until after you have had your baby, but if you do have a dental emergency like a cavity or infection, it may need to be treated right away. Your dentist can safely treat your issue and determine the source of the problem with x-rays, but you may want to discuss any concerns about x-rays and anesthesia if you are pregnant. If your dentist is aware that you are pregnant, he or she will do their best to protect the health of your unborn baby throughout the treatment.

There are also home remedies that you can use to subside to pain during your pregnancy without harming your baby. These are temporary home remedies that should only be used until you have seen your dentist for your appointment. You can use clove as a home remedy to treat your toothache when you are pregnant as a painkiller. You can bite down on the cloves between your teeth so that they will subside the pain in your toothache. With this method, most of your pain should subside after an hour. Clove oil can also be used to relieve a toothache for the same purpose. You can also mix warm water with salt to create a saline solution as a mouth rinse. If you rinse this in your mouth for 30 seconds and spit it out, it will work as an antiseptic to subside much of the inflammation temporarily.

Please remember that all of these treatments are temporary, and it is highly important to consult with your dentist right away to make sure that the health of your mouth is completely protected during your pregnancy.

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